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Our Partners

This is khaabo Tombstones and we offer wide range of services and products. We do everything from Tombstones erecting down to the flower arranging to ensure that your experience with us is one which is hassle free and quality is assured. No longer do you have to pay a fortune to get the quality you deserve.

PM Grave Closure

Lebowa Funerals

 Kupane Funeral

JD Funerals

Vuyo’s Funerals

Sopema Funeral Services

Two Mountains

Moledi Funeral Palour

Wings of Deliverance Funerals

Ikhaya Lehae Funeral Services

Chomane Funeral Services

21st Century Life

Thandanani Funeral & Burial Society

MM Funeral Service

Mabona Funeral Undertakers

M. V. M Funerals

KV Funerals

Maziya Funeral Services

Dignity Funerals, Florist & Catering

Style & Grace Funeral Service

Raphala and Raphala Family Funeral Service


Mateman Funeral Palour


Agapé Funerals

Feld Funerals

Unique Funeral Services



Kwa Vusana



Associated Funerals


Rebafiti funerals

Stress free funerals

Sokane funerals

Motshela Noka funerals

The Rose funerals

Mjisa funerals

Step by step funerals

Letseli funerals

Kago funeral

Oyama funerals

Jay jay funeral services

Community funerals

Will do funerals

PNK funerals

Khulegani funerals

Zimbali funeral services