khaabo | A DIY Guide To Granite Polishing – Brought To You By Khaabo Tombstone
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A DIY Guide To Granite Polishing – Brought To You By Khaabo Tombstone

The loss of polish is one of the most common problems with stone. We share a DIY, step-by-step guide to bringing back the shine of the tombstone of your loved ones. If the granite stone has seen better days, you can revive its original high gloss finish and colour without spending a fortune.

Introducing granite polishing – a process you may or may not be familiar with. It refers to the process of sanding the stone with diamond sandpaper from 50 to 3000, which are very fine abrasives. The range of polishing pad sets contains three or more pads, with 75mm to 100mm diameters, depending on the polishing requirements.

Here’s a DIY guide to bring back the shine of your granite Tombstone:


  • Backing Pads
  • Variable Speed Wet Polisher or use the hand method
  • A complete set of 100-mm diamond polishing pads
  • Water
  • First, clean the tombstone thoroughly to remove any marks.
  • Start the polishing process with smaller grit sandpaper sizes, they are ideal for removing heavy scratches, and higher grit sandpaper sizes are best for final finishing.
  • Attach the backing pads to the wet polisher, and attach 50 diamond sandpaper grits, open water flow for the wet polisher or use hand circular motion to polish. From here, the polishing process begins.
  • Apply all sandpaper sizes you have from the lowest to highest grits, a mirror life finish should be seen.
  • Polishing brings out the granite’s natural beauty and provides continuous protection against rain and sunshine.

At Khaabo Tombstone, we use an advanced process in preparing the stones for the lasting shine.

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